Empowering Cancer Care: Oncoshot India Joins Forces with Omega Group of Hospitals

'By embracing technology and leveraging data-driven insights, we are looking forward to this engagement to optimize efficiency, improve outcomes, and enhance the patient experience,' said Dr Mohana Vamsy.
Nilesh Atre
15 April 2024

How Oncoshot Built a Federated Data Platform on AWS to Accelerate Clinical Trials

In this post, we describe how Oncoshot built a federated data platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable secure data exchange and connect industry experts with crucial insights derived from real-time patient data.
Ruslan Enikeev, Andrey Gonostarev, Diane Galistan, Hendrik Chan, Shanicus Yee, and Noorbakht Khan
19 March 2024

IIT Bombay (KCDH) and Oncoshot India Partner to Architect Transformative Healthcare Innovation

Founded in 1958, IITB has traversed a remarkable journey to emerge as one of the world's premier technical universities. With a steadfast commitment to engineering education and research, the institute has cultivated an outstanding faculty and alumni cohort globally recognised for their profound contributions.
Nilesh Atre
12 February 2024

CŌRE Diagnostics, Oncoshot India Set Sights on Overhauling Clinical Trials for the Digital Age

CŌRE Diagnostics focuses on oncology, genomics, histopathology, and transplant immunology, offering consultative diagnostic reports that educate both physicians and patients. CŌRE Diagnostics is distinguished by its innovative approach, offering a second opinion on every test from its panel of specialised organ experts. The company stands out with its world-class group of specialists, ensuring that diagnostic reports are not just data but comprehensive insights.
Nilesh Atre
18 January 2024

Oncoshot Teams Up with Zhejiang Ablaze Medicine to Drive Data-Powered Drug Development in China

Oncoshot, an innovative health insights exchange platform leveraging AI and federated learning, today announced it has forged a strategic partnership with Zhejiang Ablaze Medicine, a leading service provider of end-to-end clinical trial solutions, to jointly pioneer AI-led innovations to transform the speed, efficiency, accessibility of global drug development programs.
Diane Galistan
22 December 2023

Oncoshot India Forges Strategic Alliance with Leading Healthcare Provider Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai to Advance Cancer Care

Oncoshot India is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, one of the oldest and most esteemed super-speciality tertiary care hospitals in India. This partnership parallels Oncoshot India's cutting-edge real-time health insights exchange platform with Jaslok's rich legacy of providing comprehensive, compassionate, and patient-centred care.
Nilesh Atre
19 December 2023

Revolutionising Oncology: Taipei Medical University and Oncoshot Forge a Path to Personalised Cancer Care

Taipei Medical University (TMU) stands as a distinguished institution for medical education and research in Taiwan. This forward-thinking system aims to amplify inbound trial opportunities and establish a global presence through a platform for exchanging real-time insights, thereby assisting hospitals and research institutions in maintaining their leadership in clinical research through collaborative industry ventures. 
Diane Galistan
15 October 2023

Is there a Clinical Trial for You? Introducing Recommend Tx.

Especially for patients with advanced or aggressive cancers, time is of the essence. Without access to advanced tools or algorithms, patients may find it challenging to locate trials tailored to their unique medical profile. Recognising this, Oncoshot has developed Recommend Tx, a ground-breaking Large Language Model (LLM) AI feature that interprets free-text cancer information to match cancer patients with high-value clinical trials.
Diane Galistan
20 September 2023

Innovative Collaboration: Buzzreach and Oncoshot Spearhead Clinical Trial Advancements in Japan

Japan presently ranks as the third-largest pharmaceutical market worldwide. This strategic partnership aims to synergise Buzzreach and Oncoshot’s complementary strengths to enhance various aspects of clinical trials, including feasibility assessments, participant screening, and enrolment throughout Japan.
Diane Galistan
13 September 2023

Invest Victoria Case Study: Oncoshot Scales Clinical Data in Melbourne

'Singaporean healthtech leader, Oncoshot, has based its Australian headquarters in Melbourne, to leverage the city's world-leading cancer capability and hospital networks, making it the ideal location to support the company’s international growth.'
Diane Galistan
19 June 2023

Celebrating Cancer Survivors Day: A Patient's Inspiring Journey Towards Genomic Data Digitalisation in Cancer Care

Susan's story shed light on the urgent need to constantly match clinical and genomic cancer data to the evolving landscape of clinical trials.
Diane Galistan
4 June 2023

Kolhapur Cancer Centre and Oncoshot Open Cancer Clinical Trial Access to Rural India

While the incidence of cancer in rural India is nearly half of that of urban India, the mortality rates are double due to the lack of adequate healthcare facilities, awareness about cancer and its risk factors, and limited access to cancer screening and treatment services.
Nilesh Atre
1 March 2023

Oncoshot and Gleneagles Global Hospitals Bring Cancer Clinical Trial Patient Matching to South India

Many cancer patients in India remain largely unaware of clinical trials. However, the recent infrastructural advancements in the local private hospitals make India an ideal platform for conducting clinical trials.
Nilesh Atre
9 February 2023

BIACH and Oncoshot India Partnership Brings Cancer Clinical Trials to the Less Privileged

Earlier last year, Oncoshot India signed an MOU with the Basavatarakam Indo-American Cancer Hospital (BIACH) in May. The hospital’s objective is to serve the community and is run on a not-for-profit basis. It is a national-level healthcare institution specialising in cancer capabilities in research and education.
Nilesh Atre
31 January 2023

Harnessing Existing Genomic Data to Benefit Cancer Patients and Clinical Trials

Our goal is to positively impact five million cancer patients globally, but we have recognised that we are also building a platform to support the development of tens, ideally hundreds, of drugs in the long term.
Diane Galistan
16 December 2022

Oncoshot Wins 2022 Digital Capability Award by the Australian Chamber of Commerce Singapore

The awards celebrate the achievements of businesses and individuals who are leaders in their fields.
Diane Galistan
15 December 2022

Oncoshot and Novotech Partner to Offer Cancer Data Insights

As a provider of clinical development services across all clinical trial phases and therapeutic areas, Novotech will leverage the Oncoshot platform to understand matching populations across key clinical trial markets in the APAC region.
Diane Galistan
10 November 2022

First SEA Genomic Data Digitisation Collaboration Formed to Improve Cancer Clinical Trial Access

Oncoshot has just announced one of its biggest collaborations to date with Icon Cancer Centre in Singapore, alongside Roche. Together the partners plan to facilitate more comprehensive genomic profiling data to increase access to more trial options for cancer patients.
Diane Galistan
2 November 2022

Oncoshot Works With Novartis To Reform Clinical Trials Management  

Oncoshot has established a strategic partnership with Novartis to leverage its Project EISE platform which has the potential to enable more patients to access clinical trials in Singapore. EISE (pronounced as ‘easy’), an acronym for ‘Enhanced Clinical Trial Initiation, Screening and Enrolment,’ is a nationwide collaborative effort that connects cancer patients through an integrated, state-of-the-art care system. 
Diane Galistan
20 October 2022

The Australian Clinical Trials Ecosystem and The Challenges Oncoshot Aims to Address

Check out this insightful video interview of our CEO and Co-Founder Huren Sivaraj about our recent partnership with Omico, the Australian Genomic Medicine Centre. Here he discusses the priorities in the Australian clinical trial ecosystem and the current challenges Oncoshot aims to address.
Diane Galistan
16 August 2022