CŌRE Diagnostics, Oncoshot India Set Sights on Overhauling Clinical Trials for the Digital Age

Nilesh Atre, 18 January 2024

Pictured left to right: AVP Operations for CŌRE Diagnostics Sagar Samrat Mohanty; CEO of CŌRE Diagnostics Dinesh Chauhan; Managing Director (India) for Oncoshot Dr Nilesh Atre; CFO and Company Secretary of CŌRE Diagnostics Ashish Singhal; Associate for Indus Law Abhijit Chakrabarti.

CŌRE Diagnostics, a leading Indian clinical laboratory specialising in next-generation diagnostics and precision oncology, and Oncoshot India, an innovative real-time health insights exchange platform, have announced a strategic partnership to revolutionise the landscape of oncology clinical trials. This collaboration will leverage Oncoshot's advanced federated architecture for secure health data exchange, enabling faster, more efficient, and cost-effective trials.

CŌRE Diagnostics has been at the forefront of bringing advanced testing techniques and expertise to India. The company focuses on oncology, genomics, histopathology, and transplant immunology, offering consultative diagnostic reports that educate both physicians and patients. CŌRE Diagnostics is distinguished by its innovative approach, offering a second opinion on every test from its panel of specialised organ experts. The company stands out with its world-class group of specialists, ensuring that diagnostic reports are not just data but comprehensive insights.

Oncoshot's federated architecture involves deploying identical federated units within hospitals, securely interacting with a central cluster tailored for pharmaceutical or contract research organisation (CRO) users. This approach ensures that patient data remains within a hospital's premises, addressing security concerns while enabling the generation of aggregated patient population insights. The innovative federated architecture developed by Oncoshot allows secure insights exchange without directly sharing patient data.

Transforming the Clinical Trial Landscape

The collaboration between CŌRE Diagnostics and Oncoshot addresses critical challenges in the clinical trial landscape. Traditionally, oncology clinical trials have been hampered by fragmented data, lengthy recruitment processes, and high costs. Patient data has been siloed within healthcare institutions, creating inefficiencies and delays in clinical trial processes. CŌRE Diagnostics and Oncoshot aim to address these challenges through:

• Faster and Targeted Patient Recruitment: CŌRE Diagnostics' vast network of laboratories and expertise in precision oncology will facilitate targeted patient identification and recruitment for clinical trials.

• Accelerated Patient Enrolment: The federated architecture expedites patient matching for clinical trials, reducing the time from feasibility to site activation from months to weeks.

• Improved Precision Oncology Clinical Trial Efficiency: By providing sponsor users with real-time insights derived from aggregated patient data, the collaboration enhances decision-making in clinical trial planning and execution.

• Streamlined Trial Processes and Reduced Trial Costs: The streamlined insights exchange and efficient trial processes enabled by this partnership will significantly reduce the time and overall cost associated with conducting clinical trials.

• Enhanced Data Privacy: The federated architecture maintains the highest standards of data privacy, complying with international standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC2, and regulations like GDPR, PDPA, and HIPAA.

• Secure and Efficient Data Sharing: Oncoshot's federated architecture protects patient privacy while granting institutions access to real-time insights.

The Future of Oncology Clinical Trials

The CŌRE Diagnostics and Oncoshot partnership marks a vital advancement in the field of oncology clinical trials. By leveraging secure insights exchange and federated architecture, this alliance holds the potential to transform trials through:

• Faster Development of Novel Therapies: More efficient trials powered by real-world data will accelerate the development of innovative treatments to help save patients’ lives.

• Personalised and Optimised Care: Secure data insights allow truly tailored treatment regimens for maximised outcomes in cancer patients.

• Driving Systemic Efficiency: Streamlining cumbersome trial processes leads to overall lower healthcare costs through faster access to new life-saving medicines.

A Powerful Combination

CŌRE Diagnostics brings to the table its deep understanding of the Indian healthcare landscape, cutting-edge diagnostic capabilities, and a strong commitment to advancing cancer diagnostics and research. Oncoshot India's secure and scalable data exchange platform, combined with its federated architecture, provides the technical foundation for this transformative partnership.

"We are thrilled to partner with Oncoshot to bring about a paradigm shift in oncology clinical trials," said Dinesh Chauhan, CEO of CŌRE Diagnostics. "By leveraging Oncoshot's innovative technology, we can accelerate research, improve patient outcomes, and ultimately make a difference in the lives of cancer patients," he added. "The progressive and AI technology-driven mindset of CŌRE Diagnostics is central to our futuristic vision. We are looking forward to the collaboration with Oncoshot India to enhance the execution of the same. This approach aligns with CŌRE Diagnostics' commitment to innovation and improving outcomes through advanced diagnostics in precision oncology."

"This partnership with Oncoshot is a perfect example of how collaboration can drive innovation in healthcare," stated Sagar Samrat Mohanty, associate vice president of operations at CŌRE Diagnostics. "By harnessing the power of Oncoshot's secure data exchange platform, we can streamline clinical trial processes, enhance patient recruitment, and ultimately bring potentially life-saving treatments to patients faster. CŌRE Diagnostics is driven by a strong research-oriented philosophy. We find great alignment in our collaboration with the Oncoshot India team to further our mutual interests.”

Real-Time Data Insights for Personalised Care

"Oncoshot's federated learning technology promises a paradigm shift in clinical trial data analysis," shared Mr Souvik Palmal, GM of sales and operations at CŌRE Diagnostics. "Real-time insights gleaned from secure patient data will empower us to personalise treatment plans and optimise patient outcomes, leading to a future of precision medicine in cancer care." He added, “My business rapport with Dr Nilesh Atre and the Oncoshot India team has helped strengthen the growth of both our teams for oncology clinical research collaboration. We are looking forward to a strong collaborative rapport extending over the entire Indian oncology ecosystem in the long term”.

A Beacon of Hope for Cancer Patients

"This collaboration signifies a powerful commitment to improving the lives of cancer patients," expressed Dr Nilesh Atre, Managing Director (India) for Oncoshot. "By combining CŌRE Diagnostics' domain knowledge with Oncoshot's technological innovation, we are paving the way for faster development of effective cancer treatments and personalised care for patients around the world."

The collaboration between CŌRE Diagnostics and Oncoshot represents a significant step towards redefining healthcare collaboration. By leveraging the potential of secure data exchange and innovative insights, the partnership aims to shape the future of clinical trials and healthcare. Organisations interested in joining the Oncoshot ecosystem can reach out to support@oncoshot.com to explore the possibilities of secure insights exchange.

The Oncoshot India team would like to express our sincere gratitude to CŌRE Diagnostics, especially CEO Dinesh Chauhan, AVP of Operations Sagar Samrat Mohanty, and GM of Sales and Operations Souvik Palmal, for their immense support in bringing forth this successful collaboration.

For more information about CŌRE Diagnostics, please visit https://corediagnostics.in/.