Oncoshot for Hospitals

Maintain your thought
leadership in clinical research
through industry collaborations

Increase inbound trial opportunities by establishing your presence globally with our real-time insights exchange platform.
What is Oncoshot?
A quick overview of platform capabilities
We’re committed to improving your clinical trial processes
Engage with leading global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and CROs and maintain thought leadership in clinical research.
Generate Opportunities
Increase inbound clinical trial opportunities by increasing the visibility of sponsors to different principal investigators and trials sites globally.
Build Partnerships
Activate and engage your research network partners on investigator and industry sponsored studies all on a single platform.
Increase Efficiency
Reduced paperwork and streamlined workflows expedite clinical trial processes to allow doctors to provide patients with quality care.

Oncoshot Ecosystem

We partner with key oncology care providers, pharmaceutical companies, and CROs in Australia, India, and Singapore.
Hospitals and Clinical Research Networks
Pharmaceuticals & CROs
Active Trials
Patients in Our Ecosystem

Stay in Control With Our Federated Data System

Oncoshot allows you to have 100% control of your data's movement. Who you share your deidentified data with is up to you.

Work efficiently and securely with “Insite Feasibility”

Manage clinical trial feasibilities. Communicate and securely exchange documents directly with industry partners.

Be better informed with “Real‑Time Insights”

Monitor your patient populations and obtain key insights. Structure and categorise your free text EHR data in real-time to glean relevant information related to clinical trials.

Make better use of your time with “Insite Workflow”

Collaborate with sponsors and update trial progress seamlessly. Increase efficiency, reduce paperwork and streamline workflow to expedite clinical trial process to allow doctors to focus on what truly matters.

Your data is safe. You are in control

Our federated architecture supports the most stringent requirements of public healthcare institutes globally.


Oncoshot ensures that data stays strictly within your hospital.


Data privacy is 100% under your control. Any movement of data is orchestrated according to your hospital's policy.


You decide what data is shared with trial sponsors.
Data Infrastructure for Hospitals


Oncoshot holds certifications in various international compliance standards that fully align with the requirements of operating in the HealthTech industry
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