Empowering Cancer Care: Oncoshot India Joins Forces with Omega Group of Hospitals

Nilesh Atre, 15 April 2024

Left to right: Dr Nilesh Atre with Dr Mohana Vamsy, chief surgical oncologist and managing director of Omega Hospitals.

Omega Hospitals, one of India's foremost healthcare institutions, is now an Oncoshot India partner!

Founded in July 2010 by a visionary team of dedicated oncologists led by Dr Ch Mohana Vamsy, Omega Hospitals was conceived with a singular mission – to establish a world-class integrated healthcare delivery system in India. Recognising the pressing need for comprehensive cancer care, Omega Hospitals embarked on a journey to provide cutting-edge medical technologies and compassionate patient-centric services.

Partnership With Oncoshot

The collaboration between Oncoshot India and Omega Hospitals represents a union of two trailblazing entities dedicated to revolutionising cancer care. By harnessing Oncoshot's expertise in accelerating clinical trials and streamlining research processes, Omega Hospitals aims to expedite the development of innovative cancer therapies and improve patient outcomes. Through this partnership, both organisations are poised to enhance the availability of clinical trials, reduce costs, and expand access to cutting-edge treatments for cancer patients across India. This engagement was possible with the support and guidance of the leadership of the Omega group of hospitals Dr Mohana Vamsy, chief surgical oncologist and managing director; Dr Namratha Vamsy, CEO and medical director; along with Mr David Chakravarty, director of Shubhadisha Business Solutions and team.

Pictured left to right: Dr Nilesh Atre; Mr Raju, company secretary for Omega Hospitals; Mr Harish, quality control head for Omega Hospitals; Mr David Chakravarty; and Mr Mahender, COO of Omega Hospitals.

Vision and Mission

Omega Hospitals is committed to being at the forefront of advancing the treatment and prevention of serious diseases, with a particular focus on cancer care. With a foundation built on cooperation, compassion, and innovation, the hospital strives to offer outstanding patient care to individuals from all walks of life. Driven by a spirit of excellence and guided by a vision to become a global leader in healthcare, Omega Hospitals continues to set new benchmarks in medical innovation and quality care. 'By embracing technology and leveraging data-driven insights, we are looking forward to this engagement to optimise efficiency, improve outcomes, and enhance the patient experience,' said Dr Mohana Vamsy.

Advanced Technology

Distinguished by its expertise in modern medical technologies, Omega Hospitals leverages state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment modalities to provide patients with the highest standard of care. Among the impressive array of advancements are:

Omega Hospitals, a renowned healthcare facility in India, proudly introduced the revolutionary Ethos LINAC, an AI-powered Linear Accelerator System designed to deliver precise and effective radiation therapy to cancer patients. Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy is a revolutionary new way of treating cancer that combines adaptive intelligence with artificial intelligence and personalised planning to provide more accurate treatment. Omega Hospitals was also the first to introduce the 1st fully digital PET-MRI guided - Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Adaptive Radiotherapy in India, making it an exceptional diagnostic tool for medical professionals. The LYSO digital PET detector further enhances the system's capabilities, allowing for better image quality and more precise diagnosis in various medical fields

CyberKnife VSI - Offering unparalleled precision in radiotherapy, the CyberKnife VSI state-of-the-art robotic radiosurgery system treats intra- and extra-cranial lesions, providing an alternative to surgery that is convenient and non-invasive.

Surgical Robot - Omega Hospitals harnesses the latest in robotic surgery technology, empowering surgeons with enhanced precision and control during complex procedures.

3D Mammography - With state-of-the-art 3D mammography technology, Omega Hospitals provides advanced breast imaging capabilities, enabling early detection and diagnosis of all breast diseases with the greatest accuracy.

These groundbreaking technologies underscore Omega Hospitals' commitment to excellence in healthcare, setting new standards in diagnosis and treatment.