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Guardant Health Asia, Middle East & Africa (AMEA) is a joint venture between SoftBank and Guardant Health, Inc., a leading precision oncology company focused on helping conquer cancer globally through use of its proprietary blood tests, vast data sets and advanced analytics. The Guardant Health oncology platform is designed to leverage its capabilities in technology, clinical development, regulatory and reimbursement to drive commercial adoption, improve patient clinical outcomes and lower healthcare costs. In pursuit of its goal to manage cancer across all stages of the disease, Guardant Health has launched multiple liquid biopsy-based tests, Guardant360 and GuardantOMNI, for advanced stage cancer patients, which fuel its LUNAR development programs for recurrence and early detection. Since its launch in 2014, Guardant360 has been used by more than 7,000 oncologists and over 60 biopharmaceutical companies. Visit us online at

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The Guardant360® assay is a breakthrough liquid biopsy that provides fast, accurate and comprehensive genomic results from a simple blood draw in approximately seven days upon receipt in the laboratory. This liquid biopsy detects all four classes of genomic variations in 70+ genes most relevant to solid tumors and microsatellite instability-high. From the test results, physicians are able to see the most current genomic profile of a patient’s tumor and recommend appropriate treatment. This test has 90% agreement with tissue for targetable alterations, making this a feasible alternative to pick up actionable tumor mutations missed during tissue biopsies. Guardant Health's liquid biopsy, Guardant360® CDx is the first liquid biopsy to receive US FDA Approval for comprehensive tumor mutation profiling across all solid cancers. For Guardant Health Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA), this FDA approval represents a landmark achievement for the Guardant360 test that we offer in AMEA. Currently, the Guardant360 test is commercially available in 41 countries in AMEA. To order the test, visit us online at If you have any queries, send us an email at or contact us on WhatsApp: +65 8940 0360.





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