Photo of Dr. Huren Sivaraj

Dr Huren Sivaraj

CEO and Co-founder, Oncoshot
Dr Sivaraj is a board-accredited medical oncologist. In addressing challenges at the intersection of informatics and clinical practice, he identified the opportunity to build a solution to address wide information gaps preventing cancer patients from fully accessing their treatment options.
Photo of Ruslan Enikeev

Ruslan Enikeev

CTO and Co-Founder, Oncoshot
Mr Enikeev brings to Oncoshot over 15 years of experience in engineering and data science. He conducted robotics research for the Russian State Scientific Center for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics, and is the creator of the Map of the Internet – a popular web traffic data visualisation tool. His passion for creating technical solutions to life-impacting problems has driven the development of Oncoshot.

Oncoshot team

Photo of Nilesh Atre

Dr. Nilesh Atre

Head of Ops, India
Photo of Cara Yap

Cara Yap

Head of Communications
Photo of Sonzal Bali

Sonzal Bali

Operations Manager
Photo of Aleksandr Katkov

Aleksandr Katkov

Back-end Developer
Photo of Alex Maslov

Alex Maslov

Back-end Developer
Photo of Daniyar Khamitov

Daniyar Khamitov

Back-end Developer
Photo of Roman Sadoyan

Roman Sadoyan

Front-end Developer
Photo of Mikhail Ojereliev

Mikhail Ojereliev

Front-end Developer
Photo of Vladimir Minkin

MSc. Vladimir Minkin

Front-end Developer
Photo of Maxim Kosterin

Maxim Kosterin

Front-end Developer
Photo of Sergei Asanov

Sergei Asanov

Art Director
Photo of Ilia Andreev

Ilia Andreev

UX/UI Designer
Photo of Ekaterina Ermokhina

Ekaterina Ermokhina

UX/UI Designer
Photo of Ruhi Reddy

Ruhi Reddy

Database Manager
Photo of Nobel Ang

Nobel Ang

Photo of Chua Sue-Ann

Chua Sue-Ann

Photo of Chloe Quek

Chloe Quek


Oncoshot on the map

Incepted and headquartered in Singapore, Oncoshot aims to improve access to cancer clinical trials regionally. It has established a presence in India, where it partners with private hospitals. Oncoshot's product development team is based in Russia.

Oncoshot on the map