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Caris Life Sciences:

Caris Life Sciences was founded with a very simple but powerful purpose – to help improve the lives of as many people as possible. With transformative technologies, we are revolutionizing precision medicine to provide physicians and patients with the highest quality information about their health. Through tireless efforts, breakthrough molecular science and a passionate commitment to quality, we remain steadfastly focused on the most important part of our work – the patient.

The company’s suite of market-leading molecular profiling offerings assesses DNA, RNA and proteins to reveal a molecular blueprint that helps physicians and cancer patients make more precise and personalized treatment decisions. Caris is also advancing precision medicine with Caris MAI™ (Molecular Artificial Intelligence) that combines its innovative service offerings, Caris Molecular Intelligence® with its proprietary artificial intelligence analytics engine, DEAN™, to analyze the whole exome, whole transcriptome and complete cancer proteome. This information, coupled with mature clinical outcomes on thousands of patients, provides unmatched molecular solutions for patients, physicians, payers and biopharmaceutical organizations.

A comprehensive report on the patient’s profiling results are provided to their treating physician so their personalized treatment can be determined. For further information please visit


Mundipharma has close to 60 years of experience in the ethical and consumer health pharmaceutical business with a reach across markets worldwide. With significant annual revenue channelled to research and development, Mundipharma is dedicated to addressing the most pressing needs of healthcare professionals and patients.

Mundipharma delivers high quality products, standing by its mission to alleviate the suffering of patients and to substantially improve their quality of life. Mundipharma is committed to bringing to patients with severe and debilitating diseases access to novel treatment options in fields such as pain management, oncology, respiratory disease, rheumatoid arthritis, antiseptics and laxatives.

Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd is the exclusive promoter of Caris Molecular Intelligence in Singapore appointed by Caris Life Sciences Inc.

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Oncology services

Caris Molecular Intelligence ® (CMI) offers the most experienced, comprehensive tumor profiling to identify key molecular features of cancer which provide clinical insights that aid oncologists in personalizing cancer therapies for their cancer patients. CMI assesses DNA, RNA and Proteins with multiple technologies including NGS DNA – Whole Exome Sequencing (MI Exome™) and NGS RNA – Whole Transcriptome Sequencing (MI Transcriptome™), PyroSeq, IHC and ISH.

Caris Molecular Intelligence offers two different options for tumor profiling:

  • • MI Profile ™ , comprehensive tumor profiling of NGS-based DNA Whole Exome (~22,000 genes) and RNA Whole Transcriptome (~22,000 genes) and Proteins via IHC (<15 IHCs across 25 tumor types)
  • • MI Tumor Seek ™ , NGS-based DNA Whole Exome (~22,000 genes) and RNA Whole Transcriptome (~22,000 genes) for all tumor types.






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