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“It is a privilege to share my experience and expertise, and help you and your doctor tap into a wider landscape of treatment options”

“I am excited to complement your primary oncologists’ cancer care plan, as I believe independent perspectives can improve clinical outcomes”

When it comes to cancer, supportive services play an indispensable role in a cancer patient’s recovery journey.

This is why our mission is to provide patients with the best support they deserve. We do this by offering direct access to clinical trials and second opinion services that work in synergy to bolster your primary clinical care.

New Possibilities
with Clinical Trials

Clinical trials open up new possibilities of treatment success that may not be offered by standard therapies. They can also improve patients’ quality of life during and after treatment. However, for both patients and oncologists, filtering through thousands of clinical trial options online to find a relevant programme can be a tedious or impossible task. Our precise global clinical trial-matching system bridges this gap by recommending only the most relevant and promising clinical trials for you and your oncologist to review.
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The Confidence
of a Second Opinion

Are you having doubts over your diagnosis or treatment options? You deserve to move forward with complete assurance. Connect with regional and international specialists on our platform for objective assessments of your diagnosis in real time, and address any lingering doubts or misconceptions you may have.
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Nadia, 52

FIGO Stage III ovarian cancer

“For me, the words ‘clinical trial’ gave me so much uncertainty and worry. I was initially very apprehensive about joining one, but my oncology team was amazing in clarifying any doubts I had and in guiding my journey. I am proud to know that I was eventually part of groundbreaking research.”

Manesh, 27

Stage I kidney cancer

“Upon receiving my diagnosis, I learned of a state-of-the-art procedure available for my condition at another hospital. Seeking a second opinion there opened up more treatment options, increasing my chances of finding a more suitable – and hopefully successful – treatment option.”

Cherise, 38

Stage II colorectal cancer

“After going through many unsuccessful treatment options, I was exhausted and ready to resign to my ill fate. My loved ones encouraged me to seek a second opinion, where I gained confidence and a peace of mind that all is not lost.”

Hock Jin, 65

Stage IV prostate cancer

“I feel really good that I took part in a clinical trial, not because I was able to help myself, but because I helped research. I’ve benefited from past research, so now I wish to play my part in shaping diagnoses and treatments for future patients.”

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