Oncoshot in TechNode Global feature on health-tech start-ups driving innovation in the face of Covid-19

Cara Yap, 11 March 2021

Oncoshot was recently featured in a TechNode Global article on 'techpreneurs' who are transforming the healthcare industry. With healthcare expenditure sky-rocketing especially in the wake of Covid-19, Oncoshot was named alongside its fellow winners of the Origin Innovation Awards 2020 as an innovative company leveraging technology to meet evolving demands within the healthcare industry. A TechNode Global initiative, the awards recognises companies that have exemplified the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in their operations.

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Oncoshot CEO and co-founder, Dr Huren Sivaraj, commented that with travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic, comes the more urgent need to break down silos within the healthcare industry and facilitate data sharing. This outlook frames the company's work in helping accelerate cancer trial initiation through its patient-to-trial matching platform, thus offering patients a more thorough landscape of treatment options. He also alluded to a marketplace model that incentivises the exchange of data between trial sites and sponsors to facilitate more efficient trial feasibility studies and enrolment, which the company is currently developing.

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